The top online guide for online Roulette

By 23 January 2021

Roulette is a table based game and is very easy to understand. A dealer plays a ball on a revolving wheel and you have to bet the number on which the ball will fall upon. Roulette can also be played on websites. You can play it at


Online Roulette chart

The Roulette wheel is divided in to 36 sections, numbered from 1 to 36. In European Roulette, there is a separate slot for a single 0. In its American version, there is an additional slot for double zero ( 00). Bets vary slightly on both these versions.

  1. Roulette can be played by skilful and inexperienced players
  2. Bartelle won $ 3.4 million in this game in 2017

The Roulette betting chart is divided into Inside parts from 1 to 36. The outer part of the chart is divided in to outer sections such as 0, High, Low, Odd, Even, Black, Red,1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 1-18, 1-12, 13 to 24, 25-36, etc.

Inside Bets in inline Roulette

Inside best have low odds but high payouts. These are placed on the numbers inside the betting chart. Some of the Inside bets are; Straight bet pays 35:1 when you bet on one number. In Split bets, you wager on 2 numbers and your payout can be 17:1.

Street betting pays 11:1 and here you bet on 3 numbers. Corner betting pays 8:1 and you place bets on 4 numbers. The payout in Six line betting is 6:1 and here you lay bets on 6 numbers. In American Roulette, there is a Five bet ( 0,00, 1,2,3)

Outside bets in online Roulette

These bets are laid on the outer parts of the betting chart. Outside bets have higher odds but lower payouts than the Inside bets. Red or Black/ High-Low/ Odd-Even betting can pay you 1:1. Column betting means wagering on 12 numbers and this can fetch you 2:1.

Dozen betting i.e. betting in 1st 12 can get you 2:1 payout. Other Dozen bets are 13-24 and 25-36. American Roulette has a higher house edge at 5.26%. On the other hand, European Roulette , because it has a single 0, has a lower house advantage of 2.7%.

How to play your Roulette game?

First find a table that has the lowest minimum outside bet but the maximum outside bet. This is because as a budget player, you would like to minimise your losses while maximising your winnings. Note that every number has the same odd of popping up.

  • The best bet is the en prison option on European Roulette
  • It reduces the house edge by as much as 50%

You can use the Martingale strategy in online Roulette and keep doubling your bet every time your lose your wager. The idea is to not just recover your losses but also win a small amount. In this strategy, you are betting on the same colour repeatedly.

Fibonacci betting strategy

Here you are betting in the sequence 1,1,2,3, and so on. If you notice, the sequence is progressing by the addition of the last two numbers. There is another winning strategy called the Reverse Martingale. Here, you raise your bets when you win and lower them when you lose.

To use this strategy first find a table that has the minimum and outside maximum bets. Wager a small amount on Low or High, Red or Black or 19-36 or 1-18. If you are using this strategy, exit the game as soon as you hit the winning streak.